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Our Staff

Our Beauty Crew

Young Female

River Watts

River Watts is our leading Stylist. They have tons of experience and know just how to bring out the best look for every client. River Watts is currently accepting new clients, but be quick! Their appointment book fills up fast.

Young Blonde Man

Jesse Neimus

Looking for the perfect Beautician? Stop looking right now. Jesse Neimus works magic every single day, on every client they service. Don’t believe us? Drop in, take a seat and discover for yourself.

Red Head Woman

Morgan James

Everyone who books an appointment with Morgan James, our incredible Manicurist, finds that with great dedication to the craft, comes unmatched perfection. Skill combined with a unique talent for bringing out the beauty, are why clients come back to them time and again. Book an appointment and discover what they can do for you.

Our Team: Our Team
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